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TruthFinder Review 2020

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Author: Matthew Russell | Updated on: 1/8/2020

In today’s world, prioritizing security and taking caution when meeting people for the first time cannot be understated. Long gone are the days of taking someone for their word and hoping for the best. Fortunately, top tier background report companies such as TruthFinder have minimized the risks of meeting or interacting with an online/offline stranger.

When opting for a one month membership with TruthFinder, the cost comes out to $27.78 per month, while the three month membership brings down the monthly cost to $23.02. It’s important to know that whether someone elects for the 1 or 3 month membership, they will be able to run an unlimited amount of background reports monthly!

Our TruthFinder Review:

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TruthFinder background reports are valuable for:

–  Checking yourself: If someone is a law-binding citizen and has never wronged anyone, it’s natural to believe that their background report would be clean; but that’s far from the case! For decades, there have been millions of instances where inaccurate information appears on someone’s background report. For example, this woman from San Francisco found out that her background report lists 14 counts of criminal activity even though she has never had a run-in with the law. It’s recommended that a person runs a background report on themselves once per year to ensure themselves that all the information is accurate.

– Checking your dates: Online dating is taken the nation by storm, so much that a recent study found that 1/3 of married couples first met online. While online dating allows people to meet individuals that they may have never crossed in person, it comes with its own inherent risks. People will rarely showcase their “skeletons” in a dating bio, so by conducting a background report, they learn more on that individual.

–  Checking Neighbors: Most Americans are ignorant to the fact that nearly 4% of the population is in the sex offender registrar. Not only is this a risk for anyone’s child, but home properties surrounding serious sex offenders have been proven to lower property value in the neighborhood by 12%. In addition to checking for any sex offenders, a background report would help locate any neighbors with a violent physical history or even drug convictions.

  Checking your friends: Fearing for your physical safety is no longer the only concern, there is fear for one’s financial security as well. While making friends with a stranger is an exciting experience, it would be wise to first run a report on a new friend to make sure that one is not at a risk of being physically abused or taken advantage of financially. More importantly, an article by CBS stated that teenagers make 50% of their new friends online – that’s alarming! When it comes to anyone’s children, it’s imperative to run a background report on their new friends for their child’s safety.

–  Checking your family members: For anyone that is estranged from their family or has a family member that is estranged, a background report from TruthFinder is a fantastic way to learn more information on one’s family from over the years. This article states that nearly 2.8 million of youths run away each year, and as a parent that is devastating, and in such cases, background reports help unite families down the line.

–  Checking the parent of your child’s friend: It’s no secret that children go over to each other’s homes, and even sleepover from time to time. Most parents believe that just by meeting the other parents a few times is enough to trust them, but that’s far from the case. If one’s child will be spending hours or even the night at someone else’s home without their own guardian, it’s important to conduct a background report on that family.

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TruthFinder Background Report Example:

We are going to run a background report, specifically on Mike Tyson to better display what information TruthFinder provides their members.

searching name on truthfinder
click to enlarge

Members of Truthfinder are able to conduct a name/phone/email or address search right from their dashboard. For our example, we will look up a report on Mike Tyson.

name search completed
click to enlarge

Once we searched for Mike Tyson, we found 84 verified match results for that name. Since our initial search didn’t include a city/state input, we’ll have to file through these results to find the celebrity that we are after! Fortunately we do know that Mike’s middle name is Gerard and that he is around 50 years old.

mike tyson background search
click to enlarge

After a bit of scrolling, we located the Mike Tyson that we were looking for. Keep in mind that in this walk-through, we will have to censor any information on Mike Tyson that is provided by TruthFinder. For the first blurred column, the locations that Mike has resided are listed there, and for the 2nd blurred column, possible relatives are displayed.

Let’s open the report.

opening report for tyson

A few moments later, the report loads!

click to enlarge

The first section of the report will provide the exact birth date, astrological sign, known aliases and photos.

In the second section, any job positions held by Mike Tyson will be displayed. This section will include the company, job title, as well as the dates of employment.

In the third section, any school attended by Mike Tyson will be displayed. This includes the dates, the type of degree, subject, and the university.

In the fourth section, anyone related to Mike Tyson (typically by family) will be listed. With a TruthFinder subscription, a member is able to run as many background reports as they would like!

In the fifth section, any associates to Mike Tyson would be displayed, including where they might be associates at, and also the option to run a full background check on each associate. 

The sixth section in the background report will display family members, friends and anyone that Mike Tyson held a relationship with. 

The seventh section typically lists relevant online links related to the person searched, in this case, you’ll find Tyson’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Yellow Pages results.

The eighth section will display possible phone numbers of the searched person, in this example, we’re given information on Tyson’s phone numbers, and whether they are mobile or landlines phone numbers.

The ninth section is a popular one, TruthFinder will divulge potential email addresses used by the searched person, as well as information as to when they were last validated. 

The tenth section will display social media accounts possibly owned by your searched person.

In the 11th and 12th section, additional information on any companies started or employment held by the searched person will be shown.

Section 13 and higher look into the financial holdings of the searched person. In this section, any property ever owned by the person would be shown.

Section 14 will list any vehicles owned by the person.

For anyone that is interested in knowing whether a person has legally declared bankruptcy, has liens on property or owns an individual money, then sections 14-16 provide that information.

Is TruthFinder a scam?

One of the most commonly asked questions about any background checking and people finding service is, “is it a scam?”  The short answer is almost invariably a no. Still, further investigation and research is always encouraged before submitting your personal or credit card information to any online service, whether its Truthfinder, a competitor background checking company, or any online database.  

With that said, Truthfinder does maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has since 2015.  Like most of its competitors, however, the Truthfinder BBB page is riddled with mostly negative feedback about the company and its services.  The reasons behind these negative reviews vary but include complaints regarding:

–  Inaccurate report information

–  Inability to delete uncovered data

–  Influx of spam emails upon registering

–  Slow server speed

–  Unable to access reports

These are just a few of the more recent complaints, among a plethora of commonly addressed grievances within the people searching and background checking industry.  However, if there’s one thing that immediately stands out when searching the BBB results on Truthfinder it’s the speed and specificity at which the company follows up with the complaint.  Every single complaint, some of which blatantly call Truthfinder a scam, is followed up with a quick response by a representative of the company. In each instance, the rep addresses the complainant by name and addresses their specific problem, never is there a one-size fits all or copy and pasted answer.

As is the case with many other online background checking services, Truthfinder has its share of reviews calling it a scam because users get their credit cards charged unknowingly, despite acknowledging the terms and conditions of using the service and checking a box accordingly when undergoing a search.  Many online services operate with a strict no-refunds policy because of the fact that their terms of use are clearly stated before entering any credit card information and typically followed up with a reminder of that fact. Still, if it’s publicly addressed and brought up with the BBB, Truthfinder has a solid reputation of addressing the complaint and offering an immediate refund to the disgruntled user.

It’s worth mentioning that Truthfinder, like its dozens of competitors, will always receive its fair share of complaints, especially regarding “unauthorized” payment charges.  Still, for every negative review there is an extremely friendly and reliable customer service representative to meet it and a positive review to equalize it. Truthfinder has all of its credentials in place and is completely transparent about the services they provide and the fact that 100% of the information uncovered using their search comes from publicly available, third-party sources with no input or manipulation from Truthfinder.  Though one might infer that a company that needs to address the fact that it’s not a scam is a bit suspicious, Truthfinder dedicates a page on their website debunking those myths and giving its users and the general public several tips when it comes to avoiding scams and fraud on the internet.

Is TruthFinder free?

In short, no, Truthfinder is not free.  Accordingly, for users demanding quick and accurate search results, a free service is never going to provide the value expected.  Truthfinder is a member-supported community and reinvests what its users pay in subscriptions and reports into enhancing the features and usability of the site.  Truthfinder does not run ads on its sites, nor do they sell any of their information to other parties. After all, all of their data comes from publicly available records and third party sources.  Like any website, there are really only two options for making money and maintaining a quality service for its users: paid ads or paid memberships and reports. Truthfinder opts for the latter, operates from a place of integrity and transparency, and does its best to provide its users with the best results and experience.

Truthfinder has two standard membership plans: one month and three months.  Both are paid options and users can cancel their membership at anytime. There is currently no free trial or discount codes available and users are cautioned to avoid any third party sites that may claim otherwise.

TruthFinder Customer Service

Truthfinder prides itself on its customer service and has a dedicated US-based team in place 24/7 for support.  Questions and complaints can be directly addressed by phone at (800) 699-8081 at any time of day and email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].  Users wishing to opt-out of having their information available in the Truthfinder database are able to fill out a simple form via the website.  

With that said, since Truthfinder’s search results are compiled from public third-party organizations, their personal information will still be available online.  There is no 100% guarantee that filing an opt-out form with Truthfinder will completely remove all of their existing information from the company’s databases and users interested in doing so are encouraged to read the fine-print online and speak to a customer service representative for further details.  Truthfinder does have a dedicated help section to answer common questions about the service including login issues, pricing, and subscription cancellation.  Anything not answered online can be addressed by contacting a customer service representative directly.

As previously mentioned, one of the factors that sets Truthfinder apart from many of its competitors is its exceptional follow up to complaints issued to the Better Business Bureau.  Whenever a complaint or grievance is publicly issued online, a Truthfinder rep is quick to address the issue professionally and promptly. In most cases, if the issue regards an unauthorized transaction or complaint about a payment, Truthfinder’s customer service will offer a refund, no questions asked.  This is true for the BBB website, but also other third-party complaint and scam websites. It would appear as though Truthfinder is not only concerned about its customers and giving them the highest quality service available, but also about maintaining a quality reputation in the industry. Even positive reviews are acknowledged by a representative from Truthfinder’s customer service team thanking them for taking the time to leave feedback and always looking for areas to improve upon.

How to cancel a TruthFinder subscription

Truthfinder is transparent when it comes to its terms of service and cancellation policy.  Quite simply, a Truthfinder membership can be canceled by contacting a member of their customer service directly by phone at 1+800-699-8081.  The US-based team is available to handle questions, complaints, and any cancellation inquiries 24/7, though its holiday hours may vary. Truthfinder is not pushy when it comes to canceling a subscription and does not give its users any runaround when it comes to customer retention.  Like many other customer service departments, Truthfinder’s staff may ask its users for customer feedback regarding ways to improve its service, but they don’t hold you accountable for wanting to cancel.

To cancel, all that’s required is to contact a member of the customer support team, provide them with the account information in question, and they will terminate the subscription.  After the cancellation phone call, users can expect a confirmation email of the cancellation within about an hour. Accounts can also be cancelled online in the customer membership portal via the “membership settings” page.  Cancellations are processed immediately, though users will still be able to view details of their account for the duration of the month of their subscription.  It’s important to consider that any pending invoices or charges to one’s account are required to be paid upon a cancellation request or will otherwise be outstanding until the user takes care of the balance.  

Step by step details on how to cancel a Truthfinder subscription are as follows:

To Cancel by Phone

1. Call the member care center at 1-800-699-8081

2. Press Option 1 for billing

3. Ask a representative to cancel your account

4. Wait for an email confirmation

To Cancel Online

1. Login at http://www.truthfinder.com

2. Go to your user dashboard

3. Navigate to the cancel link, located in the subscriptions area

4. Choose a reason for cancelling your account

5. Deny any offers for savings to continue service.

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Note: This Background Check service is not FCRA compliant. You may not use this background check service, or the information it provides, to make decisions about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. This is applicable, but not limited to, a Background Search, Credit Background Check, Criminal Background Check, and/or Driving Record. Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency and does not, and cannot, provide consumer reports. These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.

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