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SeekVerify.com Review


Overall Score 7/10



Seekverify.com is a background checking service designed to help its users find desired information about an individual via a basic name, phone, email, and address search.  Though the search parameters are straightforward, Seek Verify also uncovers advanced search results that the search subject may attempt to hide online including secret social profiles, criminal records, dating activity, bankruptcy information, and more.

As one of the newer background checking services, Seek Verify is one of the more affordable people finding services available today.  The company derives its search data from over 12 billion public records and helps connect its users with family members, former colleagues, childhood friends, classmates, and other out-of-touch personal connections.  In addition to reconnecting its users with lost contacts, the company’s mantra is all about personal and familial protection by uncovering necessary information about potentially dangerous or undesirable strangers and neighbors.


  • Inexpensive, comprehensive search results

  • Record updates every 24 hours

  • Searches include hidden social media footprint

  • 24/7 member care support


  • Email required for login, no social media handle shortcuts

  • Limited refund negotiations


The website draws your attention to the search box and a “Free Search” button for name, phone, email, and address searches.  From there, Seek Verify offers a one day trial membership for $1.  Access to a monthly membership is $39.95, pricey compared to other background search platforms.  These memberships allow for unlimited standard background search reports, but are limited in the data they reveal.  Members can opt to have access to premium reports for an extra $19.95 per person.

Ease of Use

The overall layout of seekverify.com is relatively straightforward, with a centrally located search box, a ticker of the number of successful reports drawn, a brief animated video on how the platform works, a breakdown of what the site provides and who it is for, and a few customer testimonials, all of which have clear links that lead the user back to the free search function.

Available Reports

Seek Verify uses billions of public records to provide the most detailed report available from the information about the subject provided.  According to the website FAQ, Seek Verify can be used to check for background information about a new date, sex offender reports, criminal records, truth about neighbors, financial information, information about one’s own digital footprint, and more.  It cannot be used for employment purposes, nanny screening, stalking, credit screening, tenant screening, or professional assessment reports.

The standard background check report only includes a subject’s DOB, address history, phone numbers, related person list, arrest records, social media profiles, nearby sex offenders, and government-issued license information.  If a basic free search doesn’t unveil the desired information about a subject, users can opt to upgrade to the company’s membership options that allow for premium reports with even more detailed search information for an added cost.  Premium reports uncover additional information like weapons and controlled substance permits, professional licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, job history, and financial information.


Though it doesn’t contain many entries, Seek Verify has a blog called Crimebusters that has a couple interesting articles, tips, and case studies in the industry.  They also offer a fairly attractive affiliate program with with no added costs for online businesses interested in receiving commissions by promoting Seek Verify services.  Aside from that, Seek Verify is designed solely for background checking services and doesn’t add any bells and whistles to their platform.


Seek Verify is an LLC registered in Hauppauge, NY but it has not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.  Still, it has an online presence and varying degrees of feedback on different review websites, including BBB.  A total of 13 complaints have been closed in the past 12 months, ten of which were billing and collections issues and the other three with the product or service.  However, unlike many other background checking services that seem to go out of their way to seek out dissatisfied customers and provide them with refunds.  Instead, they have a record of telling these customers that they were aware of what they were signing up for upon entering their financial information since their policy is clear in the terms of service.  Unfortunately, this gives Seek Verify a poor track record when it comes to forgiving their customers who may fail to read the fine print.


As one of the newer and smaller players in the background checking industry, Seek Verify has done well to carve out its share of the market.  It offers its users an easy to use platform with a large records database, several tiers of membership options, and an option to purchase more detailed, premium search results.  A bonus of using Seek Verify over other one-off results platforms is that the company will send you an alert when any new information is uncovered about a previous search result.  While it certainly isn’t the most comprehensive or inexpensive option and doesn’t have the most positive customer service track record, seekverify.com offers the user an above average people and background finding experience.

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