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Peoplefinders.com Review


Overall Score 6/10



Today, dozens of review sites exist for people reconnecting with loved ones.  Whether looking for a long-lost ancestor, a sibling separated at birth, or a grandparent living across the country, there’s an option for everyone to find that missing someone.

Peoplefinders.com (PeopleFinders), describe themselves as a “leading Data-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) provider for consumers and businesses seeking detailed insights on people, places and things in the United States.” The website claims to have access to unique data sources and being one of the largest owners of Public Records data in the United States and having information on virtually every U.S. adult. 

Per PeopleFinders’ own description their “proprietary data ownership and access powers PeopleFinders’ network of websites and services that help customers find and connect with anyone, anywhere”.


  • Access to 1 billion public records

  • Free searches available

  • Easy to use interface

  • Easy opt out


  • Limited search parameters

  • Hidden 3rd party charges

  • Outdated upkeep

  • No social media presence

Ease of Use

The homepage of PeopleFinders is relatively basic.  The idea is to immediately draw the visitor to the search box to enter information about the person being searched for.  A first name and last name are required and city and states are also enterable to further specify the search results.  PeopleFinders claims to provide the user with “the best white pages information” on anyone being searched for in the United States.  Perhaps the biggest draw to the PeopleFinders site is that there’s no cost for any of their given search functions.

Available Reports

In addition to the Find People search, PeopleFinders also has sub tabs for Reverse Phone Search, Reverse Address, Zip Code, and Area Code.  The Reverse Phone search allows the user to find out the identity of an unknown number to “stay aware and informed by discovering” his/her identity including name and address.  This works for both unlisted and unpublished numbers.  The Reverse Address search allows the user to enter an address and is intended to connect them with friends, family, and acquaintances and provide them with a current name and phone number connected with the address entered.  The Zip Code and Area Code search allows the user to enter any zip code in the United States and find out corresponding information about it, including what cities and area codes reside within that zip code.


The only other subcategory page on PeopleFinders is a News section.  Inside are a handful of stories, or case studies, of people connecting with lost loved ones, though each of them are dated 2012.  This suggests that PeopleFinders is either outdated in its gathering of case studies by users, or that few people are opting for People Finder’s services in favor of more comprehensive and up to date connection services.

Peoplefinders.com does not have a social media presence.  A search on Facebook comes up with a few posts suggesting not to use their service.  Despite being advertised as a no cost service, PeopleFinders will apparently prompt you to enter credit card information for a detailed search then continue to upcharge without permission, according to these handful of claims.  Similar grievances can be found via online forums like complaintboard.com that cite “unscrupulous charges” and “unauthorized withdrawal from account.”  This obviously puts up a red flag as to the overall credibility of the service.


A search for peoplefinders.com on the Better Business Bureau website brings up three listings for the site.  Two are located in Oklahoma and another in Washington, though they appear to link to the same BBB profile.  All three have a B- ranking and have the same five reviews, all of which are negative, and date back to 10/2015 with the most recent review from 8/2017.  BBB cites 18 complaints closed in the last three years, nine of which were closed in the past 12 months.  The most cited complaint of PeopleFinders regards “problems with product/service” (9), with six billing/collections issues and three advertising/sales issues.

The private policy on PeopleFinders dates back to 2011, where the answers to many grievances may be found.  The site makes a disclaimer more detailed search results are available for purchase via a third party if the initial results fail to provide sufficient information, and that PeopleFinders is not responsible for these third party practices.  There is also information about how to opt out of having one’s personal information available on the PeopleFinders search results.


With such limited web presence and review information available about PeopleFinders, potential users are advised to undergo some due diligence before trusting in the results of the database and engaging in any disclosure of personal financial information in exchange for enhanced results.  Like any other product or service, grievances will always exists, but recent and positive feedback about peoplefinders.com is hard to come by at the time of this writing.

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